Founded in 1854

«Vakhrushi-Yuft» Ltd.

«Vakhrushi-Yuft» Ltd. is a modern upgraded enterprise. It is engaged in manufacturing and sale of chrome-tanned leather and yuft.

Now in the assortment of the enterprise a large number of types of leather. The main kinds of products to be manufactured are the following: crust, shoe lining leather, “Powder-like” chrome, “Nappa”, yuft and split leather.

«Vakhrushi-Yuft» Ltd. is an exporting company. Today, more than 70% of the total manufactured volume is sent to various companies of Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Mongolia, and CIS-states.


History of leather-making in Vakhrushi has started in 1854, when a 55-year-old Timofey Vakhrushev organized a small handicraft plant for cattle hide finishing and manufacturing.

The order for fabrication of military shoes for the Russian army in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese War gave a rise to rapid development of the enterprise. From that moment the plant owners became the official suppliers of His Imperial Majesty.

During the Great Patriotic War the plant named after Lenin manufactured nearly 8.5 million pairs of soldier's boots.

Within the Soviet period the fame of the Vakhrushi plant deservedly resounded throughout the whole country. In 1970, the company manufactured 7.5 million pairs of footwear and 1.3 million square meters of yuft. Output of products with the state Quality mark has grown 3.7 times, the Vakhrushi footwear was sold almost in all the cities of the USSR and countries of socialist camp.

On the turning point in the 90s the gigantic enterprise was declared a bankrupt, but the situation has changed with the coming of the new head S.E. Danelyan. Within a short period of time he managed to resume the operation of workshops, to purchase and install modern equipment. Already by the end of the 90s the Vakhrushi enterprise became the leader in production of yuft in Russia. In 2009, “Vakhrushi Yuft” Ltd. refocused its manufacture from production of yuft to chrome leather. Today, production of chrome leather makes more than 80% of the total production volume.


Sergey Eduardovich Danelyan «Vakhrushi Yuft» Ltd. Director General

“I think our predecessors can be proud of our achievements. We bear the banner of Vakhrushi leather-dressers and shoe manufacturers with dignity – quality symbol and conformity with world standards”.

During the Soviet time and within the “perestroika” period the main product of the tannery was yuft, used for manufacture of military and occupational footwear, but after Sergey Eduardovich Danelyan had taken charge of the enterprise manufacture of other products began at the plant. Now, the product range of “Vakhrushi Yuft” Ltd. includes a large number of types of leather: apart from yuft production of chrome leather, crust, shoe velvet leather, leather for clothing and haberdashery, split leather, semi-finished product wet-blue, etc is arranged.

In 2007, Vakhrushi Yuft became the first company in Russia to master, on suggestion of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the radically new technology - production of water-proof chrome. Within half a year the specialists effected extremely complex process of transfer from yuft to chrome leather-dressing products with increased water resistance. Moreover, within a short period of time they achieved a high level of quality of the new material, and this fact is proved by the awards received.

Leather processed in Vakhrushi has been already long time ago recognized as one of the best in Russia. In order to receive a perfect final product a multi-level system of quality control is implemented here, starting from the stage of raw material procurement. The purchased hides undergo several stages of sorting and pass to processing. In order to process the leather the most up-to-date technologies and chemicals are used, which improve the consumer properties of the finished products to the fullest degree – making it uniform in thickness, soft and smelling good.

Production facilities of “Vakhrushi Yuft” Ltd are equipped with modern machines of well-known foreign companies. These are: Escomar squeeze press, Rizzi putting-out and wringing machines and shavers, Incoma vacuum dryers, Poletto surface dyeing line, GE.MA.TA roller-coating machines, Kostroj hide stretchers, Svit hydraulic ironing-and-embossing machine, Mollisa and Cartigliano staking-and-softening machines, Bergie flow feed ironer and other state-of-the-art equipment.

The processed leathers receive without fail a positive report of the quality control department.

Products of “Vakrhushi Yuft” Ltd. a long time ago and securely showed themselves in Russia, in CIS-states and in Western Europe. Vyatka leather is purchased by famous factories in Italy, Spain, Poland, Mongolia and many other countries. Nowadays, the tannery increases the production volumes and actively masters the foreign markets, exporting more than 70% of their products.

Of course, export deliveries are carried out without compromising own footwear manufacture. Footwear enterprise “Vakhrushi-Litobuv” Ltd. Is present in TOP-10 of the footwear manufacturers of Russia and TOP-4 of the companies manufacturing special and occupational footwear from yuft leather processed at “Vakhrushi Yuft” Ltd.